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Areas of Expertise

Kafryn has more than 11 years of experience in grant preparation, writing, editing, and submission to DoD, DoEd, NIH, NSF, USDA, and several foundations. Grant submission requires a team approach. Aside from working closely with company personnel, Kafryn networks with a group of highly qualified consultants, including financial analysts, graphic designers, and other grant service providers. Kafryn's involvement can include locating project management, potential funding sources, planning and outlining the grant, conferring with the funding agency, advising on figures and tables, drafting and editing text, creating the bibliography (EndNote), compiling necessary information and materials for the "infrastructure documents" (e.g., budgets, biosketches, facilities) needed for the application package, and finalizing and seeing the application package through to completed submission.

Although much of her work focuses on communicating to a scientifically literate audience, Kafryn has ample experience in adapting technical information for presentation to a non-technical audience. Further, many of her clients are non-native English speakers.